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How to Read Your Electricity Bill & Calculate Your Annual Environmental footprint

Understanding Your Bill Your Synergy Bill (see images below) shows the number of electricity units you have sold to Synergy (kWh exported back to the grid) and the number of units that you have consumed (kWh imported from the grid). The sold units are offset against the number of units you have consumed (refer to #…. Read More

The Siding by The Green Swing wins big at HIA Greensmart and MBA WA Awards

Green Gurus™ partner Eugenie Stockmann wins big at the 2016 HIA GreenSmart Awards and MBA WA Excellence in Construction Awards with her development ‘The Siding by The Green Swing’. “This is important national recognition for the ground breaking nature of our projects” says Eugenie. “It is proof that The Siding one of WA’s most sustainable…. Read More

Battery Storage – What to expect?

It has been called the second solar energy revolution: battery storage. The product and its potential is capturing people’s attention and interest. The Green Gurus™ team are getting many questions. How does it work? What is the cost? Should I think about installing battery storage and if so, when? Why consider battery storage? A drawback…. Read More

The value of solar passive homes

Written by Griff Morris, Founder and Director of Solar Dwellings Griff’s list of significant contributions is lengthy! Some of these include Inaugural Board member of the now Sustainable Energy Association, Member of the HIA Environmental Planning Committee, Member of the Commonwealth Government Committee regarding the Technical Advisory Manual for the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and Member…. Read More

Will solar panels add value to my home?

Are you selling a home with solar? Have you ever wondered whether a PV system adds value to a home? New research by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) illustrates that price premiums were consistently paid in the US for homes with solar photovoltaics (PV). This research shows that it is important to value PV systems…. Read More

Australia’s love for solar continues

In 2013, almost 1.25 million small-scale solar power systems were installed across the country, meaning that around 3.1 million Australians now live or work beneath a set of solar panels. RenewEconomy has recently reported the steady rise of Australia’s love for solar power. Not only that, but the size of the systems being installed is…. Read More

Saving Money in Rentals

Don’t own your own home? Renting a house or apartment? You are not alone if you’re living in Perth’s unaffordable housing market!  Here are 10 simple steps and some info to help save you money. 1) Switch off! It really can be as easy as switching off your lights when not in use and switching…. Read More

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

I don’t know about you but the different types of lighting and globes that are available to us on the market these days is mind blowing. I’d just like to see what I’m doing at night time especially in the kitchen! Enter the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. These guys have it all in…. Read More