Category : Sustainable Transport

Car sharing is coming to Perth

The car share market has grown rapidly in recent years, both globally and in Australia. Until recently, Perth was the only Australian city without a scheme, but things are about to change. The RAC published a paper on the topic recently exploring the role car sharing can play in WA and some local councils are…. Read More

Sustainable Suburbs?

With Perth suburbs sprawling 150 km in length along the WA coast line, I cannot help but wonder how we can make these existing suburbs more sustainable? With this question in mind I recently attended a public lecture by David Gordon organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies at UWA. The topic was Sustainable Suburbs?…. Read More

The cost of commuting in Perth

The more we search for that illusive plot of land, the more vast our fair city becomes. And whilst you may get your cake, are you really eating it too? How much is your commute to work, really costing you? The notion of living on the 1/4 acre block with your veggie patch, dog and…. Read More

On your bike!

Posted on March 21, 2014 It was Cycle Instead Bike Week couple weeks ago, which got me thinking about getting a new bicycle to update my old faithful. Bikes these days are cool, as is the apparel that goes along with them. Fixies, thumpers, cruisers, uphills, downhill, onroad, offroad…there’s something for everyone in a range of…. Read More