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Feed-in Tarriff (Fit) ~ WA Government (EXPIRED)

Overview: The FiT scheme started in July 2010 and was closed to new applicants up to 1 August 2011 which was when the cap was reached and the scheme suspended. Customers who had already made a contractual commitment to purchase a renewable energy system were given an extended period to apply.

The feed-in tariff rate depended on the date of your application or, for committed customers, the date of their contract.

  • Before 1 July 2011 – 40 cents per kilowatt hour
  • From 1 July 2011 (to 1 August 2011) – 20 cents per kilowatt hour

Please note the following in relation to transferring FiT scheme payments and upgrading of your inverter.

Transference: Customers accepted onto the WA FiT scheme receive payments for a period of 10 years. The Department of Finance states: ”If a property is leased or sold within the payment period, the new electricity account holder can receive feed-in tariff payments at the same rate as the original applicant”. The new account holder needs to submit a Renewable Energy Buy Back Scheme application to Synergy. On this form the new account holder can state that he/she is a residential customer who has moved into a residential property that is currently registered to participate in the Residential Net Feed-in Tariff Scheme and that he/she wishes to apply for continuation of the Net Feed-in Tariff Scheme at the supply address nominated in the application

Upgrading Inverter: Existing Customers must keep their inverter at the same capacity as in the original application to the retailer in order to receive feed-in tariff payments. The Department of Finance clearly state that customers who increase the size of their inverter or add an inverter beside the existing one will no longer receive feed-in tariff payments. Panel expansions, however, are permitted for feed-in tariff customers, provided inverter capacity is not increased. Note that any increases in the number/capacity of panels must receive the approval of your retailer. Synergy customers can complete the Change of System application form available on Synergy’s website.

For more information visit The Public Utilities Office or Synergy who is responsible for administering the scheme.