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AIM: To find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle everything!

West Australians are choosing to be more conscious about how they live within their homes. Living costs and increased environmental impacts from household waste is growing in our State, BUT there is something you can do about it!

Take Action – Choose to follow these 5 simple approaches to manage waste at home


Avoidance This is the first step towards managing your waste at home. Avoid household products and packaging that is not ‘designed for the environment’ – this includes cleaning products, appliances, white goods and fixtures and fittings. As consumers we have the ability to influence manufacturers by simply choosing to buy green products that have been manufactured with the environment in mind.
Reduce To generate less waste by using only products you need and in amounts that you need it – reducing your consumption is key to minimising waste.
Reuse To re-use a product or item at home, without the need for re-processing or making a new one from raw materials. This allows these original items to stay in the waste stream longer.
Recycle This is simply the process whereby an old used product is broken down and re-made into a new product. You can do your part by recycling items when ever the opportunity arises.
Disposal Options can include organic recycling with the use of compost bins or worm farms – loads of fun for small kids and the big kids alike! There are many community based options and initiatives available in Perth and they can be found in the information provided below.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) are products that can cause harm to the environment and your health.  Due to their dangerous properties these materials are not suitable for household wheelie bins (green or yellow top bins) or bulk verge collections.

Your best option is to contact your local Council’s waste management department and find out what options are available. Some Council’s offer Hazardous Household Waste disposal days and have developed free E-Waste (electronic waste) disposal initiatives.

For more details on disposing your waste wisely go to:

To find out more – www.wastenet.net.au/programs/hhwprog