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Perth Community Waste Management Initiatives



Don’t throw it away in just any old bin! It’s your choice if your items end up in landfill – Choose to dispose of your old, broken, unused or unwanted electrical equipment by sending them to a facilitator in the waste management stream. Your local participating University, Council or Business may be championing the cause.

To find out more – Perth E Waste

Earth Carer’s Program

This program is based on a similar program in NSW and is now supported by 3 Regional Councils in Metropolitan WA. Did you know that all local councils are part of a Regional Council? The Earth carers program is a unique initiative which aims to increase the Community’s knowledge of waste issues, including waste minimisation and management and increase household community skills with waste minimisation. Some insights into waste management which the program covers include composting, worm farming, what happens to waste and recyclables locally and in the wider metropolitan region, and they provide practical and easy methods of reducing waste at home.

Find out more?

  • The Waste Education Officer at the Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) can offer you further advice in making waste work www.mrc.wa.gov.au
  • The Waste co-ordinator at the Eastern Metropolitan Council (EMRC) www.emrc.org.au
  • The Earth Carer Officer at the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) www.wmrc.wa.gov.au


Living Smart Program

Living Smart is an award winning program offering information on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at home and also in daily travel. The program works with selected communities to achieve savings for households and large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The same tips and technical information are available to all households through their website.

To find out more head to www.livingsmart.org.au