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Water saving programs


Water Saving Programs

The Water Corporation has a number of water saving programs and subsidies. These vary regularly and it is recommend to check their website for the latest. Initiatives can include showerhead swaps, rainwater rewards programs and waterwise towns programs.

To find out more at Watercorp.

Waterwise Towns

Who: The Waterwise Towns Program is available to households and businesses on scheme water in certain towns only. They currently include Kalgoorlie, Eaton/Australind and Mandurah.

What: Towns will be offered a household water coaching service, household retrofit service, business retrofit service or a mixture of all three.

Households will also be offered:

  • Free information and resources
  • Personalised feedback on water use
  • Advice on ways to implement easy water saving behaviours in and around the home

Advice will be tailored to your household based on your two-monthly water use.

Businesses in selected towns will be offered a free water review to assess how and where they use water. Eligible businesses will then be offered free waterwise products and services like the above listed to help save water in the long term.

To find out more at Watercorp.