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Your ECOLOGICAL Footprint


The Australian Greenhouse Calculator

Have you ever wanted to know how your lifestyle contributes to your household greenhouse gas emissions? The Australian Greenhouse Calculator (AGC) is a program that helps you understand how your lifestyle choices contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by calculating your annual GHG footprint from the information you provide. (Developed in collaboration with the EPA Victoria, RMIT, Sustainability Victoria and Education Services Australia, and others.)

Footprint NetworkiconFoot

Coined by Professor William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel, the ‘Ecological Footprint’ measures how fast we consume resources and generate waste, compared to how fast nature can absorb our waste and generate resources. Did you know that Australia’s Ecological Footprint is one of the largest in the world with the latest ‘Living Planet Report’ released in 2008 suggesting 7.8 global hectares (gha) per person? The most significant factor contributing to the Australian Ecological Footprint is carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels (constituting approximately half of the total Australian Footprint). 1 A global hectare refers to one hectare (approximately soccer field size) of biologically productive space with world-average productivity. Source: EPA, Victoria.

To find out more about your own Ecological Footprint go to www.footprintnetwork.org/