Living in a strata building should not limit your ability to enjoy a low carbon/ low cost, sustainable lifestyle. There is more to sustainability than solar power and savings in power bills.

At the Perth Eco Fair on Sunday 3 April, the Green Gurus™ team launched its brand new Green Apartment Living Program aimed at empowering residents to live more sustainable lifestyles; enhancing the liveability of strata buildings in Western Australia.

The Program is not only defined by environmental and financial outcomes, but also has a focus on building the social ‘fabric’ and networks between the people who reside within a strata building and stakeholders including the strata managers and caretakers of the building.

The Green Gurus™ program and engagement process, will help build social capital between these parties enabling them to achieve rapid and measurable behaviour change through motivation of specific parties, nurturing networks and fostering collaboration within the building and improve occupant understanding of their role in best performing buildings.

As Green Gurus™ team member Eugenie Stockmann suggests “We want to help create a sustainable community and make it easy, fun and social. “

The Program focuses on seven main areas: Design, Sustainable Transport, Energy, Water, Waste, Food Production and Community.

This educational program is suitable for new and existing apartment buildings, villas, townhouses and survey-strata complexes.

For new buildings that were designed and built with long-term sustainability in mind, the program will inform owners and residents about the existing sustainability features, how they work and how they can benefit from them. For older, existing apartment buildings, the Green Gurus™ team works with the owners and residents towards retrofitting the building for sustainability and inspiring sustainable lifestyles within.

To kick start the Green Gurus™ Green Apartment Living program, Psaros a Perth based apartment developer and builder leading the way in sustainable apartments have launched ‘Psaros Place’, a Green Apartment Living program exclusively for Psaros apartment residents and owners.


Apartment living offers real sustainable lifestyle options. Increasingly, apartments are built or retrofitted with sustainable features such as for example renewable energy, energy and water saving technologies. In addition, many apartments offer sustainable transport options simply by being located near transport nodes, shops and other community facilities.

And you are part of a local, vertical community?

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