Greening the Real Estate Industry 2016

This Report is a collection of feedback received from over n568 real estate and property industry attendees between 2010 – 2015. This is the 3rd and most comprehensive update to the Greening the Real Estate Industry Report.

Real Estate agents who have attended the Green Gurus™ courses in WA between 2010 – 2015 have expressed a great need for relevant information that they can use on a day to day basis, as well as acknowledge the advantages of being able to better assess and inform prospects of the benefits of sustainable design and the new technologies embedded in these homes.

Authors: Chiara Pacifici and Eugenie Stockmann, August 2016


Strata Title and Sustainability Infrastructure in Western Australia 2015

This paper examines how strata title legislation may be improved to facilitate the installation of sustainability infrastructure in strata title.

Authors: Tristan Cockman and Chiara Pacifici, December 2015

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Greening Strata Title Schemes in WA 2011

This Report was submitted to the Western Australian Parliament under a Parliamentary Internship.

The research identifies barriers and drivers in the current WA Strata Title Act that can inhibit the ability for individual owners to implement environmentally sustainable provisions in existing residential strata dwellings. Solutions are defined and Sustainability Infrastructure options investigated.

Author: Chiara Pacifici
August 2011 (Updated March 2012)