It was Cycle Instead Bike Week couple weeks ago, which got me thinking about getting a new bicycle to update my old faithful. Bikes these days are cool, as is the apparel that goes along with them. Fixies, thumpers, cruisers, uphills, downhill, onroad, offroad…there’s something for everyone in a range of price ranges.

Second hand bikes
I bought my original from the lads at Pal and Panther in North Perth who have been nothing but helpful over the years I’ve had my bike. Other cool options include

New Bikes
I’m a sucker for the fixies and the retro fancy bicycles. Here are some of my faves.

Electric Bikes 


Electric Bikes are becoming a popular mode of sustainable transport in and around Perth. They’re easy to ride and get you to work without the puff and pant. There are some great options out there so shop around.

But maybe these awesome glow in the dark bikes are the way of the future?


Glow in the Dark Bikes

Along with these helmets of the future!


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