Don’t own your own home? Renting a house or apartment? You are not alone if you’re living in Perth’s unaffordable housing market!  Here are 10 simple steps and some info to help save you money.

1) Switch off!
It really can be as easy as switching off your lights when not in use and switching off your standby items such as your television, DVD player and computers. We use a power board with individual switches. Easy!


2) Window and Door Seals
Another cheap option and as easy as sticking sticky tape to your windows. Raven brand has a heap of options available from most hardware outlets. Seals help to prevent cold air seeping into your home in winter.

3) Swap your light globes
Change your light globes from the old power hungry incandescent ones to the new energy savers. Yes they may cost you a little more initially but they will last longer and save you money in the long run. Winning.


4) Curtains and Pelmets
Pelmets? Things of the late 80s and grandma’s right? Wrong! Turns out they help with the heating and cooling efficiency of your windows and curtains. Up to 15% in energy savings! In summer they help stopped heat from entering your home and in winter they stop the warm air from coming in contact with the windows. For more info, check this out. 


5) Sustainable Public Transport Options
Take the bus or the train. NExt time you’re heading into work, try out your local bus, train or CAT (many of these buses fueled by gas (!)) we believe you’ll find it easier than taking a car, sitting in traffic for an hour, costing you precious time and petrol and then having to try your darndest to find a car park thats long enough for your stay…not to mention the city parking cost! Thankfully TransPerth made it easier a month ago for those of us in Perth to find the closest option. Check it out now: TransPerth WA


6) On your bike!
Save your petrol and car costs. Buy a bike. Pedal power is free and comes with added health benefits. There are some fantastic options out there for electric bicycles for those not keen on hills as well!


7) Stop buying plastic water bottles
Buy a reusable water bottle. Refill it. Repeat.
Think about it. It takes 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled water. Millions of tonnes of CO2 and barrels of oil are produced each year plus the transport costs to get that water to you, not to mention the waste produced. Turn on your tap. Take some with you. It will save you $4 each bottle and you’ll have a clean conscious.


8) Buy a water efficient shower head
These are available from your local hardware outlets and can be super cheap. Low flow shower head will saves you water which saves you money.

9) Line dry
Take your wet washing outside. Here in Perth we have limited rain so line dry your clothing. It smells fresher, you use less energy and you get a work out lifting that clothes basket.

10) Ye Olde Baking Soda
Do away with your expensive household cleaners. This stuff works. Ever combined Baking Soda with white vinegar in your sink? It’s like a science experiment! There is a tonne of info out there on natural home cleaning products, but why swap your Jiff for a chemical-free oasis? These tricks can save you money, time, chemical waste and chemical exposure.


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