Sustainable Building workshops

Sustainable Buildings – Property Industry workshop from Green Gurus™ on Vimeo.

The need for local councils to engage the industry and support local property practitioners and developers in gaining knowledge on residential green buildings will help to empower these decision makers to deliver sustainable and environmentally responsible residential development.

The Green Gurus™ Sustainable Building Workshops focus on three key areas:

  • Urban Sustainability, the ‘Big Picture’
  • Innovation: True Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes in Buildings
  • Marketing & Selling Green Buildings

The educative event is a unique opportunity to empower and educate this important industry and support them towards an environmentally responsible, sustainable and waste conscious low-carbon future. It also creates a platform for direct engagement and consultation by the Local Council with the industry.

Our team has delivered this workshop to a number of Councils over the past few years with significant and positive outcomes for improvements to sustainable design and construction as well as activating corporate social responsibility.

Attendees may be able to receive Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) industry points from a number of industry organisations.

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