Sustainable Building workshops

Housing of the Future – Sustainable Buildings

Local Council Property Industry Seminars & Workshops

The need for local councils to engage the property industry on how to deliver environmental sustainable development aligned to their own planning and Built Form policies in their precinct has become paramount.

Property developers and their consultants can achieve planning requirements and outstanding results for their projects if they are better informed and inspired on best practice including the latest in design and innovative technologies that improve financial, social and environmental outcomes for their buildings – and end-users.

“These buildings have proven to be much more attractive in the market place with many buyers seeking out and choosing sustainable design and ‘new’ tech over the standard typical alternatives!”

The Green Gurus™ Sustainable Building Workshops focus on three key areas:

  • Urban Sustainability: the ‘Big Picture’ context

  • Innovation: Latest Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes in Buildings

  • Marketing & Selling: Opportunities for Green Buildings

Our unique informative and inspiring events provide a unique forum for developers, design consultants, architects and planners to see the latest in Environmental Design for a variety of typologies including low and medium density development, and high density multi-unit development.

“Our focus is on the ‘Housing of the Future’ – showcasing the latest innovations in design and technologies that deliver improved liveability, longevity in design, more affordable and attractive residential development”

Since 2011, our team have delivered these workshops to a range of WA Local Councils with significant outcomes and positive change with improvements to design and construction as well as activating corporate social responsibility by leading home builders and developers.

Note: Attendees may be able to receive Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) industry points from a number of industry organisations.


City of Cockburn – Sustainable Buildings (2015)

Sustainable Buildings – Property Industry workshop from Green Gurus™ on Vimeo.

City of Vincent – Sustainable Buildings (2011, 2015)

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