The more we search for that illusive plot of land, the more vast our fair city becomes. And whilst you may get your cake, are you really eating it too? How much is your commute to work, really costing you?

The notion of living on the 1/4 acre block with your veggie patch, dog and 2.3 kids could soon be a thing of the past. The 1/4 acre block should be anyway. In order to improve not only our cost of living, but our quality of living as well, we need to move towards a more dense city. We’re long overdue for an overhaul of the idea that dense living isn’t truly living, a mental block in the Australia psyche.

The table below is from a recent study done by the Australasian Railway Association. They found that commuters travelling to work in the Perth CBD can spend anywhere between $9,000 (5km commute) to $22,000 (25 km commute) annually, taking Perth above national averages. Our higher parking fees and fuel prices adding fuel to the fire.


Yet, despite the high costs, 84% of Perth residents travel to work by car. Imagine the difference to our city if, even a quarter, changed their travel routine. Imagine if we had a better public transport system including the come-back oflight rail and the introduction of car sharing.

Shifting from our car-based commuting to public transport is a major key in reducing our costs as well as the added side effect of improving our health. Living close to work or close to public transport nodes, supporting transport oriented developments (TODs) and creating awareness around the true cost of our urban sprawl are stepping stones on our way to lowering our figures.


 How do you get to work? And could you change the way you do?

Source: Committee for Perth


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