Green Gurus™ recently worked with the team at Mauravillo Estate to provide an information evening for current and prospective buyers to encourage better environmental outcomes at this remarkable rural estate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe evening was a well-attended and very positively received initiative and was a unique joint effort supported by both the developer, John and Helen Court, and real estate agent Lee-Steere & Co. Mauravillo. On the night, Architect Sid Thoo and environmental scientist, Chris Ferreira from The Forever Project each delivered a talk on how land owners can design their house and garden to best utilize resources like sun and water and to be more energy efficient

The rural estate is taking great strides in their efforts of creating a sustainable community. The developer of the Mauravillo Estate, John and Helen Court, are committed to the idea of a green future at Mauravillo. They have had this vision for over 30 years now and planted the trees that now line the avenues and set Mauravillo apart. “We know that water and energy efficiency are going to be the essential features of contemporary living and in a rural environment like Mauravillo the potential for communal sharing of resources and produce will only add to good sustainable outcomes”.

Home in WA visited Mauravillo Estate and talked with project manager Steven Rushforth about the sustainability features of the estate. Steven said “We have a strong belief in the benefits of a sustainable community both from an environmental point of view and through social interaction” he said. Initiatives include tree planting, crushing their own gravel and a Carnaby’s Cockatoo habitat. The local men shed in Wundowie built the nesting boxes. “Sustainability is ultra-important for us and we are trying to bring the community along with us by hosting information evenings and events.”

Mauravillo is a new country estate in the hills near the historic town of Wundowie and is one of the very few rural estates to have reticulated scheme water. Most of the blocks are about 1hectare in size(10,000sqm) and are fully serviced with power, water, telecommunications, sealed roads and fences. Another unique feature of this estate is the generous public open space which will have lakeside amenities such as a playground, public toilets, barbeque areas and a Carnaby’s Cockatoo habitat. Stage 1 is sold out, Stage 2 is newly released. Project manager Steven Rushforth pointed out that these features will create a vibrant united community.

To watch the video about Sustainability at Mauravillo by Homes in WA, visit:!videos/gi561


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