Who Are We?

Green Gurus™ was founded due to the increasing demand for better quality, more comfortable, and affordable homes to buy and lease as well as the need expressed by the property and real estate industries to better understand, value add and differentiate these high performing homes from others in the market place.  
Chiara Pacifici.  Founder. Sustainability Consultant. Educator. Real Estate Agent.

With a strong and successful background in real estate for over two decades, Chiara decided to complete a Masters in Sustainability Studies at Curtin University and join the two industries to help evolve the green building revolution. She has worked directly with the real estate industry, property development sector, NGO’s and all levels of government to develop and implement sustainability initiatives and programs.

MSustStud (Curtin). GradCertPropInv (Curtin). CERT IV.TAE. Diploma in Property (REIWA). Home Sustainability Assessor (HO50032)

Contact Chiara via: info@greengurus.com.au.

Our Collaborators
Eugenie Stockman. Educator. Sustainable Property Developer. CEO Co-Housing Australia.

Eugenie founded The Green Swing initiative, a multi-award winning, Nationally recognised property development within 5km from Perth’s CBD.  The project was ground breaking in its design; water saving conservation and re-use measures, high energy ratings and incorporated different types of building materials including straw bale and reverse brick veneer construction.

As director of Green Fabric™, a co-operate housing and sustainable property development and consultancy group, Eugenie continues the journey towards a more sustainable community by initiating and managing unique, sustainable and community focused property development projects and shares her knowledge and expertise in this area to inspire others. Eugenie has a Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainability from Murdoch University, focusing on Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning. Contact Eugenie via: info@greenfabric.com.au.

Green Gurus Profile Photos, City of Vincent Gardens, Leederville Perth WA. 19th January 2015. Photo: Daniel Carson | dcimages
Alex Bruce. Engineer

Alex is a mechanical and sustainable energy engineer with extensive experience in the renewable energy and energy management sector. Alex has specifically focused on the built environment from residential to commercial projects consulting to designers, developers and government organisations. He is the co-founder of eTool®, a global leader in Life Cycle Assessment. eTool® provides a “performance based approach” to achieve quantifiable economic and environmental improvements to the design process. www.etoolglobal.com

Alex Bruce
Gerard Siero. Ecological Architect

Gérard describes himself as an Ecological Architect because he designs for life: people, culture, place and nature. In Deep Ecology, all living things and components of our environments are valued and respected for themselves, beyond their relevance for human use. All have roles within our Earth’s biosphere.

Based on 40 years of experience and study, Gérard applies multi-disciplinary, holistic and collaborative approaches to design and construction, to create climate responsive, low energy, ecologically inspired places that are a delight to live and work in, comfortable, enduring, and environmentally friendly. Construction, materials and finishes are selected according to criteria for ecology, equity, economics and technology – a quadruple top line.

Gerard Siero
Sid Thoo. RAIA Architect

Sid Thoo is an architect, consultant and educator who strives to improve the built environment one building at a time. In addition to being an accredited NatHERS assessor, he is also a member of the Australian Institute of Architects and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. From Dec 2013 to Dec 2014 he served as Chair of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors.

Sid has lectured at a number of Australian universities and colleges, and is currently an adjunct lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts at the University of Western Australia.

Sid Thoo
Malcolm Mackay. Urban Designer, Architect and Artist

Malcolm has a wealth of knowledge on best practice outcomes for the built form. He has worked with leading property developers and is current member of the State Government’s Development Assessment Panel and sits on the Design Advisory Committees of the City of Perth and the Town of Victoria Park. Malcolm has a particular interest in town centre design, the relationship between land use and transport, and the sustainability of places.

Throughout his professional development, Malcolm never lost his interest in traditional architecture. In 2011, Malcolm embarked on a new personal journey that began with an epiphany in Adelaide and was motivated by the realisation that, in all probability, there is more sand in the bottom half than the top half of life’s timepiece. Malcolm’s new personal journey is a celebration of traditional architecture through the art of architectural drawing.

Malcolm Mackay

Sustainability Services

Green Gurus™ is a sustainability education and consultation group – we help connect the dots!

We work directly with the property sector including real estate practitioners, property developers, property managers, strata managers as well as builders, urban designers and architecture consultants to help them realise the benefits of sustainability – both in the built form and urban setting.

We connect people with industry experts who can help optimise the outcomes of environmentally sustainable design (ESD) investment. We also consult and work closely with Local Government, Government departments, and Non Profit Organisations and Non Governmental Organisations to help them engage with this important sector.

We are passionate about strata buildings and helping Owners Corporations and Strata Managers make significant cost savings by improving the energy and water efficiency of common property.

We provide information seminars and workshops to aid in bridging the knowledge gap that exists between the property sector and environmental sustainable design and construction.

We work with marketing and selling teams to help them ‘value-add’ the benefits of sustainability features into marketing material, enabling them to communicate these attributes well to consumers.

We work with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to help them find ways to reduce their energy use and ecological impact from business operations.

The Green Gurus™ workshops are supported by Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) and attendees can receive Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) points.