Winter is here and if you’re anything like me, your garden isn’t looking it’s best. It’s cold, the rain is much appreciated but there ain’t much going on out there! So in order to motivate myself, I thought I’d bring you a few things you could at this time of year in your garden: Your winter gardening jobs (Based in south west WA, Australia.)

Probably my favourite part of gardening is pruning and making plants look orderly. Grab your closest pair of secateurs and start snip, snip, snipping. Remember those grass cuttings and autumn leftover leaf litter are great for your compost!

2) Sow some veggies!


My next most favourite part is seeing things grow. Get planting now and you’ll reap the rewards later. It will be worth the effort now. Here are a few varieties that are suitable to plant now for the south west region of WA.

Mustard Greens

3) Clean up your pot plants



I have a veggie patch yes, but I also have a quite a few plants growing in pots. Now is the time to clean them up. Give them a bit of a tidy, pulling off old leaves, sweep up around them and feed them with a good seaweed solution. I prefer to use Eco Seaweed on my garden, especially the plants I’m going to eat.

4) A weed a day…


Yes they’re annoying and getting watered quite regularly at the moment here in Perth. Weeds. Pour yourself a glass of wine or grab a cordial and pull a few out. The chooks will love them or why not try your hand at making weed tea. This fantastic, nutrient-rich tea does wonders for your garden and is a phosphate-free, non-toxic, FREE fertiliser.

5) Turn it off!


Turn off your sprinklers in Perth, Mandurah and other parts of the southwest.  In WA, the state government imposes a complete sprinkler ban from June 1 through to August 31.  The ban also applies to garden bores and some licensed bores used for schools, government departments and businesses.  Hand watering is still permitted and those establishing new lawns or gardens can apply for an exemption.

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3 thoughts on “Winter Gardening Jobs

  1. Elitehort

    Hi there, Great tips by the way and thank you. I did have a question though.
    I’m hoping you can answer it for me since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about gardening.
    Are there any herbicides that will kill grass and/or weeds, but will not
    kill flowering or succulent plants or herbs? I have a ton of weeds growing in my garden beds…

    If you had some insight I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. greengurus_admin Post author

      Hi Kaylee, we love gardening, but are not necessarily experts in this field. Re the use of herbicides, we do not generally promote the use of these, but instead encourage practices that reduce or eliminate the need or use of herbicides. Warm regards, the Green Gurus team.


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