Our Services

Green Gurus™ is a sustainability education and consultation group – we help connect the dots!

 Who we work with

We consult and work closely with Local Government Agencies (Councils), State and Federal Government departments, Non Profit Organisations and Non Governmental Organisations to help them engage with the property sector.

We work with the real estate and property industries through workshops and information seminars on sustainable housing and sustainable development. We have a partnership with the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia to engage their members and the greater public.

We collaborate with strata managers and strata Lot owners to help them make smart choices when retrofitting their buildings and strata schemes.

We work with small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to help develop meaningful corporate sustainability policy that leads to profitable business outcomes; implementing continuous improvement initiatives and helping them find ways to reduce their energy use and overall ecological footprint from business operations.

We love to engage and better inform home-owners about the many benefits of sustainable lifestyles.

We conduct market research and survey consumers to better inform decision makers and the greater community.

We consult with marketing and selling teams to help them ‘value-add’ sustainability features into marketing material enabling them to communicate these attributes well to customers.

 What we offer

Our services focus primarily on real estate, property development and strata buildings (including apartments, townhouses and villas). We offer the following core services:

For Real Estate Professionals

  • In-house information seminars & CPD training.
  • Custom-made sustainability programs for large agencies. 

For Local Councils

  • Sustainability education & seminars for local residents.
  • Sustainable building & development information workshops for property practitioners and home owners.
  • Corporate sustainability programs (Council staff, local business and the property industry).

For Developers, Strata Buildings & Body Corporates.

  • Strata Placemaking – Green Gurus™ Green Apartment Living (GAL) Program.
  • Sustainability Assessment Plans for residential projects of all sizes.