Green Gurus™ is a sustainability education and consultation group – we help connect the dots!

We consult and work closely with Local Government Agencies (Councils), State and Federal Government departments, Non Profit Organisations and Non Governmental Organisations to help them engage with the property sector.

We have driven sustainability policy and profitable business outcomes for many small and medium enterprises (SME’s), helping them find ways to reduce their energy use and ecological impact from business operations.

We love to engage and better inform home-owners about the many benefits of smart design and sustainable lifestyles. We are accredited Home Sustainability Assessors and Liveability Specialists who can conduct an energy assessment of your home and make recommendations to improve the energy, water and overall performance of your home – adding real value to your home or investment property!

We conduct market research and survey consumers to better help inform decision makers and the greater community.

We consult with marketing and selling teams to help them ‘value-add’ sustainability features into marketing material enabling them to communicate these attributes well to customers.

Core Offerings

  • Sustainability education and accredited CPD training (Property Industry)
  • Sustainability Programs for Councils, Industry and Business
  • Sustainability consultation for strata managers and body corporates
  • Strategic property marketing services and communications
  • Research and development, reports and consumer surveys
  • ESD feasibility and consultation for residential/commercial property development (working with key stakeholders and forming partnerships)
  • Development of SME Environmental Sustainability Plan; Corporate Social Responsibility, Policy & Cultural Change
  • Residential Energy & ESD Performance Assessment; NatHERS, Scorecard ‘Whole-Of-Home’ and ‘In-Home’ Assessment, Life-Cycle Assessment, Magic-Plan Assessment, Energy Audits and energy savings analysis.

Case Study: Mauravillo Estate (Developer initiative)

Developers of the Mauravillo Estate engaged Green Gurus™ to facilitate a purchaser focused educational event on sustainable building design opportunities, aligned to the intent of the development. The developers are passionate about sustainable development and wanted to support the newly established estate and future community. Existing purchasers and prospective buyers learnt about how to adopt sustainable design principles in their new homes. This event was another way to promote Mauravillo Estate to prospective buyers and help build a sustainable community for the future.

The event was held at the South Perth Yacht Club and very well attended. A Green Gurus™ resource kit was provided with further info and resources for attendees to take home after the event. A subsequent eco-fair event at the Estate occurred with purchasers, builders and prospective buyers later that year.