Green Apartment Living

Green Apartment Living Program
Positive, Sustainable, Lasting


What’s a Sustainable or Green Apartment building anyway?

In a well built or retrofitted green strata building you can generate renewable energy from the sun to power your apartment and common services, mechanical systems like pool pumps, CO2sensors, and HVAC systems and appliances are performing at the highest efficiencies. You can grow food from your balcony and communal roof top terrace, you are able to recycle other household waste like clothes and electronics. You can choose NOT to own a car because there are alternative sustainable transport options available that you can walk to. You can take advantage of the latest technologies like recharge facilities to power your future electric car.  You can connect more meaningfully and collaborate with people within your very own vertical community, and find new ways to support local businesses in your area.

We believe all the above is possible because it is already happening in Perth, right now!

Yet the biggest challenge owners and body corporates face is knowing how to access these technologies, what benefits they bring to the building and for individual residents and who to trust to provide the consulting and technical services they need to get the best and most affordable outcome.

What is our Green Apartment Living program about?

The Green Apartment Living program – or GAL as we affectionately call it – is primarily for residents living in apartment buildings who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, improve their home and strata building or understand how to use the technologies they already have embedded in their building to their best efficiency.

The program firstly provides relevant and up to date information designed to enhance your knowledge and that of your co-owners and residents so that together you can improve the sustainability and liveability of your strata building.

Through the Green Gurus™ Green Apartment Living education program you can get engaged and feel empowered to live a more sustainable lifestyle; reduce the cost of living whilst reducing your ecological footprint, find ways to connect and support local businesses and build better relationships within your own vertical community.

Our Green Gurus™ Green Apartment Living program is centered on collaboration with all stakeholders including the Owners Corporation, Strata Managers and Occupants and works to achieve long-term cost savings and improve environmental outcomes, for everyone.

What we do

The Green Gurus™ team works closely with occupants and strata management, providing relevant  information and consultancy on how to improve the liveability and sustainability of your building.

We offer a step by step process on how to get the best results from existing or new technologies that help you improve the triple bottom line – helping you realise cost and environmental savings whilst also building better relationships with the vertical community.

The outcomes from the Green Gurus™ Green Apartment Living program are not only defined by environmental and financial targets, but there is an important focus on building the social ‘fabric’ and networks between the people who reside within strata buildings.

This educational program is an industry first; focused on residential strata buildings (apartments, villas, townhouses) to ensure the longevity of your property investment and its value proposition.


“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” – Chinese Philosopher ,Lao Tzu

Got some great ideas about improving your strata or home but need some friendly and expert advice on how and where to start??

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Simply email us  HERE , tell us what you are wanting to achieve in your home or strata building, as well as any steps you may have already taken to improve your place, and our team will get in touch to discuss how we can help you and your body corporate today!